The role of the H2OS Administrator



The H2OS Administrator is the person in your organization designated  to oversee the installation and operation of H2OS, and serve as the point of contact with our Customer Service.


This person needs to be familiar with basic computer and Windows operations and be able and willing to follow the procedures for getting the most out of H2OS.  


Responsibilities for the H2OS administration role include:



Some of these activities are supported by systems management tools.


Administrator status is used by H2OS to restrict access to certain system controls and to help protect your installation from accidental or deliberate damage. Examples of these protected resources include your company license, prices, employee records, job types,  and other management level information.



When is Admin setup?

During  installation, when the H2OS Product Registration form is completed and saved, the person named in the "Your Name" field of this form is used to create the 1st H2OS Operator Profile. This operator is assigned Administrator authority.



Admin can add other operators


Once the admin account is established, the person assigned to this account can add operators to your H2OS installation. Operators added by the admin can also be designated as admins, and so forth. A non-admin account cannot assign him/her self admin authority or create new operator accounts with admin authority.  



How ADMIN is assigned to others


When the person initially designated as ADMIN logs on after the installation completes, he/she can add operators to the system, and optionally confer "administrator" authority to one or more operators.


TIP: assign a primary and secondary operator with Admin authority, for redundancy in case something happens to the primary operator's record.



Important security note


The operator profiles table (c:\h2os\profs\opers.dbf table) contains visible (and unencrypted) operator data, including Admin status codes and passwords, thus for security purposes this file must be protected from unauthorized access. H2OS does not include tools or methods for the purpose of shielding your data from unauthorized access.