How to use Browse a table


This feature can be used to browse any table in your database. It will display the selected table using a grid display adjusted to show all fields that exist in the table.

To use this feature,  navigate Librarian -> Database Utilities - > Browse a table


A navigator screen like this will appear

Select a database table (DBF file) using this screen, and then click OK to launch the generic browse screen to display the table.

This feature can be used to browse any able in your H2OS database. If the table chosen for browsing happens to already be in use, this is determined and the table is left in use after the Browse screen is closed.

An example, showing the AUDITCDES table (audit codes are used internally as "reason codes" for changes made to database records).


For most H2OS tables, other then your customers table, the Allow Changes command will appear on the Browse screen. If you need to make changes to data in a table, be sure you know exactly what you are doing and the effect of the change, then click the Allow Changes command and make the change by over-typing data in the table above.