How to schedule jobs using the Schedule page


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Job scheduling attempts to best match incoming work orders with the current work schedule.



On a given day, your work schedule may appear something like this:




Example: scheduling a job


Scheduling a job means to create a job ticket in the H2OS job tickets database


To create a new job:



  1. Locate the customer using the SEARCH command, the LOCATOR page or the << < > >> navigation commands below the SEARCH entry field on this screen

    Concurrently viewing the schedule page, suggest and negotiate a date (and, optionally AM/PM or AnyTime preference) for the job


  2. Click-select the date (6/04 in this example) on which the job is to be scheduled

    note the carat will appear in the leftmost column of the grid for the row's date.  


  3. click the JOB command button (or the ADD button on the bottom of the Schedule page). Both will launch the job ticket add screen with the customer's information and job date pre-filled


  4. complete and store the job ticket




  6. With the job ticket saved, the job will now appear on the schedule






1.  If the current customer already has a job scheduled (that has not been completed, i.e. is in OPEN status), a message like this will appear when the JOB command is clicked




This screen informs you that this customer already has an OPEN job ticket for 5/1 and gives you 3 choices:


1. View the existing job ticket. Perhaps this job has already been scheduled, or a request for additional service added to the existing job ticket


2. Reschedule the job ticket for the date selected,  and view the changed job ticket


3. Create a new job ticket for the date selected



2.  Only 1 job ticket per customer per day can be created, so if you do have a situation where you need to create 2 jobs for the same customer on the same day, add both jobs to the same ticket or schedule them for different dates.


3. Complete this screen and if this is a recurring job, click SAVE RECURRING and work with the recurring jobs setup screen,  otherwise click SAVE





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