How to restore an H2OS backup



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The restore operation allows you to "fall back" an H2OS installation to an earlier point in time (the date/time the backup was taken), as would be required following an equipment failure or database corruption failure.




Important: H2OS backup and restore operations handle data files only, not software (program) files.  Executables are not included in the backup (1) because the backup runs under H2OS and cannot include currently in-use executables anyway, (2) current copies of the executables are readily accessible from our website, and (3) omitting these files from backups saves time and space,


Thus, H2OS must be pre-installed and H2OS executable files must exist in the target system prior to running the restore operation.


To fulfill this requirement, depending on the circumstances, you may wish to use one of these methods:






About ZIP files


Zipped files are compressed, which saves disk space. Database tables are particularly well suited for compression. Compress also makes downloading files from the Internet run faster, and software producers can put more information on distribution media, such as a DVD.


ZIP files typically have a .zip filename extension, as in


Partial restores

If you have WIndows/XP or WinZIP or other compatible compression software, you can open (unzip) an H2OS backup (regardless of how it was created) and extract all or specific files from within it, however you should only perform an operation like this with specific advice from customer support (because some files can be "related" to other files, and must be restored in sync)




There are currently 2 procedures to restoring a full H2OS backup:










When to use this procedure


Using a new full H2OS installation


How to restore an H2OS backup using fresh full build install



This is the recommended procedure


Alternate method


How to restore an H2OS backup, alternate procedure



This is an alternate procedure if anything goes wrong with the recommended procedure





Restore Database menu selection


For completeness of the menu system, an option exists to restore an H2OS database backup, but since this operation cannot be performed when H2OS is running, selecting this option leads to a reminder message directing the operator to run the h2os_recover.exe program