How to import your QuickBooks Items List into H2OS



This is the 2nd step of setting up your QuickBooks items list in H2OS



Before starting, export your QuickBooks items list




Click the QB command (or enter =QB on the command line)



Click the "Work with QB Inv Line Items" command



Click the REFRESH from QB CSV command button



One or more messages will appear






Click YES


The following message will appear next because we used the "standard" name for the CSV file and H2OS recognizes it. If we used another name, H2OS will ask you to use the Windows navigator to locate the CSV file wherever you have stored it when you performed the export from QuickBooks.


Click YES


When the import completes, a message like this will appear


Click OK


You will be returned to the QuickBooks Operations Console.


Click Work with QB Inv Line Items now and you'll see something like this (depending on the actual items list you've imported from QuickBooks).