Copy or move records between H2OS databases


In this example, we'll MOVE a record from the PROSPECTS database to the CUSTOMERS database


The Prospects database record:




Select customers->current customer->copy/move





A screen like this will appear





Check MOVE and select the target database from the pulldown menu (see note 5 below). The COPY command is changed to a MOVE command.




Click MOVE




Click CLOSE. On return to the main screen, you will see the message "MARKED FOR DELETION".  This record will be permanently removed the next time this database is PACKED.




Now, switching to the customers database and searching for "THE SP"  (a valid search argument that wouldn't find a direct match but will bring up the "search near matches" screen so I can select the exact record by clicking it in that screen):






double-clicking the entry in the "search near matches" screen, the (now) customer record for The Sprinkler House comes up:




Viewing the Tel Email page, we can see it's been carried forward with this record from the Prospects database:






  1. If the source database contains fields that do not exist in the target database, these fields will be dropped (lost) by the copy/move operation (they will not appear in the target database)

  2. CONTACT records from the PROSPECTS database are NOT carried forward to the target database.  Only the source (Prospects in this example) record itself is copied or moved.

  3. The source for the copy/move operation is always the current database record

  4. The COPY button transforms to MOVE when the copy/move option is changed to MOVE

  5. The SHOW ALL checkbox causes the pulldown list to contain all registered databases. Unchecked, only the databases owned by the current customer are displayed.

  6. When a record is MOVED, it is marked for deletion in the current (source) database. The current database must actually be PACKed before the marked records are physically deleted.