How to clear the system maintenance log



This function should only be used on direction from H2OS customer support.



Clearing the system maintenance log will cause H2OS to attempt to (re)apply system maintenance changes when H2OS is restarted..


Each maintenance change checks to see if the change about to be made has already been made, and if so will skip the attempt. Thus, if the changes

made by maintenance are all found to have already been made, clearing the maintenance log and restarting H2OS will have no effect at all


Note that it's also possible to remove one or more individual FIX#'s from the maintenance log, to cause H2OS to attempt to re-apply selected change(s). To remove a specific change, click in the leftmost cell for the row containing the fix#, which will blacken the cell, marking it for deletion. Then click the PACK command to permanently remove the row. Then restart H2OS and it will attempt to apply the change.



To clear all maintenance log entries



  1. Navigate to Help -> Maintenance log


  3. Reply to confirmation message

  4. Restart H2OS






Figure 1. Screen shot of the confirmation message