How to change command buttons


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The currently selected command system appears in the lower left area of the main screen. For example:





Setting up this workstation for TM, we might want our command system to appear like this:






To change the selection of commands and/or the arrangement of commands that appear in this area, navigate Setup->Commands





The Commands Library screen will appear:







Use the Commands Library screen to


1. Remove a command from the command buttons  


2. Move a command from one spot to another


3. Pick a command from the list of available commands and add it to a command button



Procedures follow


1. Remove a command from the command buttons


To make room for the commands we want to add for TM operations, we'll remove the BROW_CJ, PAGES, SQL, PACK and CLOSE commands



1. Left-click the command button to be removed in the display on the top of this screen. In this example, the SQL command is selected

2. Use your mouse to drag the command button to the "out box" to the right





3. The command will disappear from the box, and the box can now be re-used


When we're finished removing this and other commands we wouldn't need, the screen will look something like this:



2. Move a command from one spot to another


Now we'll arrange the commands to make room for the set we wish to use for TM


To move commands around to make room for our TM commands:


1. Left click the name/command button to be moved (in the "your command buttons" area of the Command LIbrary screen)

2. Holding your mouse left-button down, drag the command name from one command box in this area to another

3. Repeat this for each command to be moved.



For our example, the commands area now looks like this:




3. Pick a command from this list and add it to the command buttons

Now we'll add the commands we want to have handy while we're doing TM using this workstation


1. Scroll down the list of commands available and pick each of those we want to add

2. For the command to be added, click/select (highlight) the command name in the left column of the grid

3. Using your mouse, left click into the (highlighted) command name

4. Holding your left button down, drag the name into an empty command box in the area on top of this screen

5. Repeat for each command you wish to add to the command system



Here we're click/selected the JOB command




After dragging the JOB command to a command slot in the top of the screen:




Repeat this for the DIAL command





When you are finished adding, removing and re-arranging commands, click CLOSE and return to the main H2OS screen, which will now contain command buttons arranged as you've setup.






1. These instructions apply only to the default installed command system (named LMCMDS). You cannot change the commands in a secondary command system.