How to add a Service Contract for a customer



1. Go to the Contracts page


For a new customer or a customer who does not have a contract previously entered, the screen will appear like this:




The basic idea is to use this page as a worksheet for setting up the service contract and then clicking SAVE to activate it.




  1. set the Start Date

  2. select the number of years

  3. the End Date will automatically be calculated to include the number of years and to end on 12/31 of the ending  year.

  4. if you check the "add incentive year", an extra year is added to the contract (at not charge)

  5. Check the contract services included in this contract

  6. the values for each item will be calculated for you based on the number of years and base values stored in the Pricing page of your H2OS Options (as shown here)

  7. the OTHER entry field can be checked and filled in with the name of a service not included by default.  Enter the value of the OTHER service in the OTHER entry field in the right side column and then click another entry field to trigger re-calculating the total amount to include this amount.

  8. add any notes as appropriate



When finished setting up this worksheet, and all values are correct, click SAVE and the contract will be considered in effect as of the START DATE.



If you are using the QuickBooks Interface


If your QuickBooks Interface options include creating a QuickBooks invoice for new contracts



... you will be prompted at this time to send the invoice.



If you click YES, the invoice will be sent to QuickBooks (as a credit purchase).



Later, when the invoice is paid, return to this screen and click the PAID button and enter the payment date, amount and document number