How to add a job ticket



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Background: H2OS refers to customer job orders as "Job Tickets". Each job ticket is stored as a unique record in your database. Job tickets are related to customers by the customer's unique file number.


There are several ways to add new job tickets. In all cases the customer for whom the work is to be performed must be the current record on screen.


1. Locate the customer for whom a job ticket is to be entered, and click the JOB command button, if it's on screen,  or enter =JOB on the command line.


2. Locate the customer for whom a job ticket is to be entered, and use the SCHEDULE page to select a date for the job (click the row for the selected date), and then click the JOB command or the ADD JOB command on the schedule page.



If there is a currently OPEN job ticket for this customer for today or a future date, H2OS will present a screen  like this:






At this time, you can work with the existing job ticket or create another job ticket (for another date; H2OS supports only 1 job per date per customer)








View the existing job


View and work with the currently scheduled job details. You can reschedule or make changes to the job ticket



Reschedule the existing job to



Select a date and click this command to reschedule this job ticket



Create a new job ticket for ...



Select a date and click this command to enter a new job ticket for the selected date.




The ADD JOB TICKET screen is an abbreviated "short form" to enter job tickets. Once entered, job tickets can be viewed and worked with using the the JOB TICKETS DETAILS screen



1. Using the schedule page,  you can click a specific date (row) to make that row the current row, which will set the date that will be used as the job date for a job ticket. When this date is selected, click the JOB command or the ADD button on the schedule page to bring up the add job screen.


2. Using the schedule page, you can also double-click a row to bring up the job ticket details (see sample above) for review and editing. If the row is for a date on which more then 1 job ticket is scheduled, an intermediary (Daily Schedule) screen showing detail lines for each job ticket that day will appear. From the the Daily Schedule screen you can  click select a job for details, and there is an  ADD command to add a new job to the schedule for this date.


3. Regardless of the method chosen, new job tickets entered are always pre-filled with information from the current customer record. That is, all job tickets are created for the current customer.