How to add a new customer



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The are several ways to launch the add new customer screen, into which you can enter the new customers information.



1. The A button

2. The ADD command button

3. Enter the command =ADD



Additionally, you can create a new customer record by copy/pasting the new customer's name and address from an external source



The A button



Click the A command button to the right of the SEARCH (command) entry field:




The ADD command  (=ADD)


Click the ADD command  button (or type =ADD in the command line)


Note: the reason we've added the A button was to free up a command button for a different use. If you prefer to have an ADD button, see How to add the a command for the procedure to add this command to your main screens command buttons.





Copy/Paste from an external source

See using copy/paste in data entry



The Add Customer Screen


Regardless of how launched, the ADD CUSTOMER screen will appear like this:





Complete the entry fields on this screen and click SAVE to add a new customer


The R symbol is used to indicate required fields, which must be entered for all new customers. If you are not sure of, say, the telephone number, enter any number (as such all 1's, 111-111-1111) to get past this test. Be sure, of course, to add this valuable information when it becomes available.


When you click SAVE, H2OS will check to see that required fields have been entered



At this time, H2OS will also check for a matching customer record already on file. There are 2 different tests for a matching customer record:


1.  same last name, zip code and 1st digits of street address

2.  same telephone number



If there are no suspected duplicate customer records on file, H2OS will assign the customer a unique customer number and save the new customer in the customers database table. It will then return to the Add Customer screen, should you wish to enter another customer at this time.


If a suspected duplicate is detected


If a suspected duplicate customer record is found, a screen like this will appear, containing the name and address of the suspected duplicate customer record, with option buttons to either continue saving the new record (anyway), or to cancel this add and return to the add customer screen.





- each phone number entered for a match in the database, to be sure the customer being entered is not already in the database, perhaps at an old address.


If a duplicate telephone is found in the database, it will be announced in a message like this:




- required fields. If a required field is missing or invalid, a message will appear in the message area on the bottom of the screen naming the missing field


If a required field test fails, a message like this will appear on the screen