Getting started overview



The purpose of this section is to help you get started with H2OS.





Please review all topics in the Getting Started section before using H2OS.



We hope this information is sufficient to get you started.


If you need help at any time, email or call us at 631 846-7697



H2OS free trial

We provide H2OS with a free 30 day (extendable on request) trial period for you to evaluate the product in your office/computing environment. While we have successfully tested H2OS in our labs and current customer environments many times with various versions and configurations of Windows, it is possible that some incompatibility exists that will need to be considered. We cannot guarantee that our products will install and run on all Windows versions and configurations.


It is also important that when making changes to your computer configuration that you include testing H2OS (as well as your other software products) to assess the impact of the change on your installed software.