BACKUP controls for FTP sending



Navigate Setup->Options and select the BACKUPS tab page




The Backup Controls screen contains controls for several purposes




To set these controls to (1) automatically take a backup and (2) file transfer (FTP) a copy of the backup to the internet server


1. Be sure to register the backup archives feature




3. Enter the FTP (IP) address to which backups are to be transferred.


4. Select either "prompt before ..." or "send (FTP) automatically"  



Choices include:


1. You can have H2OS prompt the operator after a backup is taken whether to send the file (by FTP) at this time. The operator can reply YES to proceed, or NO to skip running the FTP file transfer. The default response is YES after 15 seconds


2. automatically perform the FTP file transfer of the backup to the web server


3. Not sending backups.  If you have an IP address in the box to the left, it will be ignored





1. The sending options apply to all backups run by the BKUP command, in addition to the automatic backup at startup or shutdown.


2. If you are using the FTP option, you must register the BACKUP ARCHIVES feature, or a message like this will appear when you create a backup and attempt to use FTP to transfer it: