Backup controls for email sending


Navigate setup->options and select the BACKUPS tab page


You can use this screen to control the recipient of backups sent via email, and choose a sending method that may be of use to you.




E-Mail sending options



1. The e-mail address to send backups to


2. A "when to send" choice


- prompt before sending email


- send email automatically


- do not send e-mail



The difference between the 1st 2 choices is whether you wish for H2OS to stop and  ask to proceed after taking a backup and before sending it to the email address specified, or to send it automatically.






1. Backups grow as the underlying installation grows, and can become quite large over time. Some email providers limit the size of email attachments, so you'll want to be on the watch for this happening. If the recipient is not receiving your email sent backup, check it's size and ISP size restrictions. See the Housekeeping topic for tips of removing unneeded files from your H2OS installation to reduce the size of the backup.