About this Guide



This (H2OS Customer) Guide is available in 2 formats, the online format available on our website, and a CHM (help) file that can be downloaded from our website and installed in your H2OS installation for access by h2os.



Work in progress

This Customer Guide is an ongoing work in progress. We re-publish this guide from time to time to bring customers up to date with latest topics and revisions.  


We are very interested in your input. Please report missing, incomplete, erroneous topics.




Guide organization

This guide is arranged around collections of "about" subjects and related "how to" topics.  


In actual usage, you'll probably use keyword searches to find topics of interest, but you may also find it helpful to scan through the table of contents to check for topics of interest.



Screenshots with red form names

You may notice some screenshots in this guide contain words (screen names) in a bold red font, usually in the upper right area of the screen. These (red font) names will not appear on your actual H2OS screens, they are only used on our internal testing computers, which sometimes are the source of screenshots that wind up in documentation.


Example: internal screen name is "lmform"


Navigation notation

In H2OS related documentation, you will see references such as this:




Translation: "on the menu system, navigate to Setup, then select Options, then select Internet". In most cases, these keywords will be unambiguous when viewing the screens involved



Screenshots reduced in size

To save space, most screenshots included in this guide have been reduced in size