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Tab (or tabbed) pages are an organizational tool for arranging multiple computer screens in such a way that access to and switching between screens is accomplished by a single mouse click.


Tabbed pages are used by Internet browsers, spreadsheet and many application programs to present an interface into multiple screens of information and controls related to the application at hand, with one of the screens currently visible and the other's only a "click away" by clicking the desired tab page's label in the top of the pageset. Using tabbed pages, the operator has the convenience of ready, one-click  access to each of the screens in the "page set" that comprise the application.



H2OS uses for tab pages



Tab pages organization


H2OS's main screen contains a pageframe in the right side of the screen. This pageframe contains one or more selectable pagesets, each of which contains one or more tab pages assigned to that pageset.


You can use the H2OS Tab Pages Distributor to assign pages to pagesets. You can also add and remove entire pagesets. Pages are automatically arranged in alphabetic order (by page name) in pagesets.


H2OS is installed with a collection of default tab pages arranged into 3 pagesets, administrative (ADM), database (DAT) and H2OS (H2O), as shown in the example below. Three character abbreviations are used to provide space for more pageset names in the space available above the pageframe. Hover your mouse over one of these names for a brief description of the pageset.



Figure 1.  A pageframe with 5 pagesets defined, with the ADM (Administrator) pageset active.

This organization makes it possible for us to continuously improve and extend H2OS features by shipping new and improved page definitions as they become available. New pages can be added to pagesets using the tab pages distributor screen.


You always have complete control over which pages will appear in which pageset, and which pagesets will be included in your pageframe. You can also create new pagesets and assign pages to it.