About Remote support



A key element of successful H2OS support is the availability of a remote console connection, which allows our technician to login and share your screen.


This minimizes the impact of problems because little or no actions are required of your operator, except perhaps to oversee what our technician is doing, but for the most part your operator can sit back and let us either fix the problem or collect needed diagnostics for follow-up..


Remote support consists of connecting our computers using the Internet to permit our technical support person to share your screen for demonstrations and problem analysis.


There are several ways of achieve remote console functionality, one such is the RDP feature built into Windows 7 (certain versions) and Windows 8. Computers running older versions of Windows can use an alternative program called UltraVNC (see Share my screen with H2OS Customer Support), which we have established simple (1 click) commands to access.


Remote console sharing works best with a high speed (cable/fiber)  Internet connection.


We use and provide copies of software that allows us to share our computer screens over the Internet, but we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the software and the Internet itself as these entities are beyond our control.


Topics in this guide related to remote console sharing: