What's a bug?






Not a bug

Missing or Incorrect results

incompatible hardware (not tested during acceptance testing phase)

Program failure (error message)

lack of interface with H2OS


non-standard Windows installation


environmental conflicts. Feature works for other installations but not on a specific installation due to the composition and/or configuration of the computer


custom programming required


Software conflict, such as anti-virus software




Rant: We hate bugs!


Nothing is more frustrating than to complete testing on a new or improved feature, then distribute it only to discover it fails on a customer computer.


But it can and sometimes does happen. File and environment differences, outright bugs that weren't caught in dev, and even operator error or misunderstanding.


Not to worry! Bug reports declared important by customers get our top priority, and we will react as quickly as possible with a fix or workaround while we work on a fix.


Finding and fixing a bug sometimes takes just a few minutes. Some longer, and every now and again we'll get that one that takes much longer, but we assure you we will give the problem our fullest attention


Sometimes a problem report can be adequately conveyed by a single screenshot without a word of explanation. Variables not found is a good example. The screenshot will tell us the name of the variable and the problem that's trying to access it. Almost always this is enough information to find the program and instructions involved and make the correction.


Once a bug is fixed, it's fixed forever. Not to say that other programs will never fail, but a problem, once fixed, will not recur.