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This guide will provide you with information and procedures to install and operate H2OfficeSolutions ("H2OS") software.




January 1, 2014


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What is H2OfficeSolutions?


H2OS is a Microsoft Windows relational database program designed specifically for the lawn sprinkler and landscaping service businesses. It reflects more then two decades of experience of one of our founding partners as owner and operator of Get it Wet Lawn Sprinkler services in Selden, New York (since sold). You will see this experience in the flow of work through the system and the information it stores as it relates to your business, such as backflow devices and tests, service contracts, daily route scheduling, and so on.


While H2OS is a complete product, in that fulfills it's original specifications and we're very proud of our accomplishments to date, we're still not finished. We're listening carefully to what our customers have to say and we continuously polish and improve every aspect of our product. You'll see the results in ongoing maintenance releases. Thanks to the wonders of Internet we are able to distribute incremental improvements quickly and easily. No more waiting a year for the 'Next Big Release'  to obtain new and improved functionality in near real-time..


You'll notice that we've conquered the price barrier for such a database program. Our intention is to be affordable for the many "mom and pop" folks in this businesses across the country.


Please see our Getting Started section


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Jim Cacioli and Bill Arnold established Long Island Office Solutions, and began developing H2OfficeSolutions in 1996, to replace it's DOS based predecessor - also written by Jim and Bill back in 1986.


The original program, and what is now H2OS, has been developed around Jim's ongoing (25+ years) experience as an owner/operator of Get It Wet Lawn Sprinkler Systems on Long Island, New York. The company serviced thousands of customers spanning two counties


Since Jim had been using the DOS program for years, he had already sorted out what was good, bad and missing from the program, and he came aboard with this knowledge.


Around this time, Bill had completed work on an what's called an "object-oriented database program framework" for Windows, so it was a fortuitous meeting in the summer of 2006, where Jim and Bill compared notes and realized the framework was a natural fit for re-writing the DOS program. The decision was made to proceed with development.


A starter list of needed features was developed by Jim, and work commenced. A data conversion program was prepared to carry data from the DOS system forward, and when the most basic features were completed Jim cutover to the new software in Winter of 2007.


Following the cutover to H2OS, Jim, Bill and the good folks at Get It Wet proceeded to work out the kinks and continued to improve the product with input from Jim and his staff as they actually used the program.


All told, it's been 21 years (1989-2010) between the original DOS program and H2OS, and 4 years since we've completed the re-write in 2006. We've accomplished what we set out to do, and have grown our business since. We're still a small business, but we like it this way.


User interface


You'll notice that we've designed H2OS's user interface (screens) to be customized to show only the features you actually use, which you can pick from our always improving library. You have control over background color, fonts and font sizes. You can change how grids appear in tab pages. Changes are remembered from session to session.


You can select and arrange your commands system, which appear as buttons in the lower left side of the screen, tab pages which appear in groups on the right side of the screen, and the menu system across the top of the screen. Each of these components are customizable, so you can setup the H2OS screen to reflect the features you actually use.



Reliability, Availability and Serviceability  


IBM has a term, RAS, for  Reliability, Availability and Serviceability. These words summarize what IBM considers the most important factors for operating computer systems. We are strong advocates of this view and continuously have these aspects of our system in mind as we design for the future.


A significant contributor to achieving these goals is the object-oriented "framework" upon which H2OS is built. This design approach provides for continuous, virtually unlimited, "building block" style expansion over time as we add and improve features.



Standing on the shoulders of giants


Products such as H2OS began to appear only a few decades ago, with the advent of database programs on mainframe and then mini computers. When the PC came along, early pioneers were quick to see the opportunities and began to build and use databases on these machines. They had many hurdles to overcome just to get the basics working right, and some key hardware advances had to happen, but it all worked out very well and today our programmers are standing on the shoulders of these giants who paved the way for us to now incorporate their components into our larger works.  Most importantly, all of this permits us to offer you a whole lot of capability for a very affordable price.



Always a work in progress


As mentioned above, we're particularly pleased with H2OS's highly modular, object-oriented design. It allows us plenty of room to grow by adding commands, tab pages (think "mini applications"), tables, and menu selections to H2OS without disturbing the basic design and your environment.


It's the nature of software to be extended and improved continuously as opportunities for using the information in it's database develop. H2OS is perfectly positioned for continuous growth in the years to come.


And, somewhere here I'd like to mention that it's my writing style to get 1st thoughts on topics into some form of writing, be it a notebook paper or any other means, and eventually to get the material into a topic in a guide such as this one.


Sometimes a new topic engenders a new subject, and sometimes merely having a topic defined is enough to trigger the needed information. Please be forgiving when you come across such topics. The nature of electronic publishing lends itself readily to ongoing successions of revisions, and each time we re-publish this and other Guides, we advance the proposition.



Knowledge sharing

You will find us quite willing to share our knowledge and resources with you through our website, e-mail and our Help system. In addition, we have setup an online bulletin board/discussion group for customers and other interested folks for announcements, to ask questions, and share experience, knowledge and tips with others.


We want to encourage a community spirit because we ourselves have benefited greatly from on-line communities.



Legal Stuff

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H2OS Software License  

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Meet Us

For brief introductions for the folks who helped build H2OS, please see the Meet Us page




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