Using the tab page distributor


The tab page distributor is used to add or remove individual pages from pagesets that will appear on your H2OS screen.


To launch the tab page distributor screen, right click anywhere in the top row of the tab pages on your screen (the rows that contain page names), and select Customize Tab Pages from the menu that will appear.





The tab page distributor will now appear on your screen, looking something like this:


Caution: this screen behaves differently then other H2OS screens, by design (see below). If you inadvertently click in any of the cells in this grid display and a name appears (or disappears) in the cell, click the cell a 2nd time to reverse the action.




The PAGE_NAME column contains the complete list of installed, available pages.


The columns to the right will contain the name(s) of all currently defined pagesets (Admin, Database, etc.)


You can use this screen to assign (or unassign) available pages to pagesets. To assign a page to a pageset, locate the page you wish to assign (left column) and then click in the cell to the right that intersects with the pageset (column) you wish to assign the page to. To remove a page from a pageset, click in this cell a 2nd time and it will disappear (this is sometimes called a 'toggle').  


You can also create your own pagesets




Pages Manager

Click this command to bring up the Pages manager screen.



Save Changes


Click this button when you are done making changes and wish to save the currently pages configuration.


At this time, H2OS will make a backup of the page definitions file (lmcmds.dbf) that can be access later using Restore Page defs (below).




Click this button to close this screen with no further action



Restore Page Defs

See Restoring page definitions





1. While in some cases it is possible, we suggest that you do not assign the same page to more then 1 pageset. If you wish to do this, please check with us first.


2. If changing tab page assignments should cause a system problem, you can reset page assignments to their default values by _____________