We love tooltips, and we're sure many computer users do as well. They allow us to take much of the mystery out of sometimes cryptic words on screens, often consolidated to save precious screen real estate, but confusing for the operator who is interested in a record and its fields.


For many elements of the H2OS screen interface, tooltips exist with information about the element of the screen. Elements can include commands, data entry fields, etc.


To view a tooltip, simply pass your mouse cursor over the element, and if a tooltip exists for it, it will appear near the mouse cursor.


Note: some screen elements are very sensitive to exact mouse positioning, such as the date picker used in several H2OS screens. For these fileds, you may need to move your mouse around the object a bit before the tooltip appears.


An example is shown in the screenshot below, where I've hovering my mouse over the NOTIFYCOA field in the CUSTOMER FIELDS 2 page.







Special case

In some cases, such as this example below, the tooltip will only appear when you position your mouse pointer a "certain way". In this example, the tooltip for the SELECT option box appears only when the mouse is (carefully) positioned along the border line surrounding the options.


Thus, if you don't see a tooltip for a screen field, hover your mouse around the object to get it to appear. If no tip appears, and it's important to you, please let us know.








1 Unfortunately we cannot add tooltips to grid headers.