The locator page


The locator page contains an alphabetically ordered listing of all customers in the current database.


As you move the cursor from row to row, you will notice that you are also changing the current record pointer. Conversely, when you change the current record using other navigation tools (searching, navigation buttons, etc), the current row in the Locator page is changed as well.




You can customize this page by right clicking in the page background to bring up the right click menu (shown below) and selecting Customize page




and the Page and Grid Controls screen will appear, like this:




Keep this window to the left side of the main screen so you can see the results of changes you make to the controls on this screen. For example, if you change the font size, you'll see the change in the Locator screen right away, so you can adjust the setting again until it's how you want it.


When you are finished, click SAVE & CLOSE. To cancel your changes click CLOSE.


Click Restore Defaults to restore the original installation default settings for each of these controls.




1. The customer name and address information shown on this page can be changed by over-typing fields on this page.  The intent of making this possible is to allow for correcting typo and spelling errors in customer names and addresses that might be spotted using this page.


2. Caution when making changes to customer records: while changes made in the Locator screen can be upper and lower case, always use upper case only for name and address fields.


3 As with most grids in H2OS, you can column sort this page by double-clicking any of the column headers (double-click again to reverse order).













 lines option


Whether lines are to appear in the grid



Font to be used for the grid

 font size


 Font size for the font used in the grid


 row height


 Row height for rows in the grid


 grid height


 Height of the grid within the page




 Bond font in the grid