The employees toolbar



The employees toolbar contains a thumbnail-sized photo of each of your employees. It's current application is for use in dragging and dropping an employee's photo into the Assignee entry field in the Daily Schedule screen, and thus assign the job ticket to the employee.


The toolbar is dynamically created in runtime, meaning that if you just changed the photos in your collection, the next time you bring up the toolbar the change will be included. If you have 10 employees, 10 images will appear in the toolbar, one for each. If an employee's photo is not on file, a default photo will be used instead. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail photos to see the employee name associated with the photo.


There is a command button that brings up a toolbar called "employees", and there is also an "Employees" command button on the Daily Schedule form. Click either of these commands to bring up the current Employees Toolbar. When working with the Daily Schedule, it's best to click the Employees command on this screen to have the Employees toolbar created and positioned to the right of the Daily Schedule screen.













Usage example

In this screen shot, 2 tickets have been assigned by dragging different employee icon/images from the toolbar on the right into the Assignee field (note: the assignee name is the only field in the grid shown that can be dropped into, as you would expect).




Registering Employee Photos

The employee details page is used to register these photos and will make sure the name and location are right. You just point to the source file for the photo to be registered for the employee and software will copy it into the correct location with the correct folder/file naming convention. You can replace photos on file using this procedure as well.


Click an employee name in the Employees tab page to bring up the Employee Details screen that looks like this:




If a photo is on file, clicking Show Photo will display it. If not, you can add a photo to the database by clicking the ellipsis command to the right of the Show Photo command button, which will bring up the Windows navigator screen that you can use to locate and point to the source photo to be associated with this employee.


Note that no action is taken on the source photo itself; instead a copy of the photo is created and stored in your H2OS "images" sub-folder.




Employee photos naming convention


Employee photos are identified by location and file naming conversion.


The convention is two-part:


1. Photos are stored in the product's "images" sub-folder

2. Photos are named [employee ID]+_empl_photo.[type]











I've also added an "Employees" command button to the Daily Schedule form to launch the toolbar. If launched this way (versus system command), it will go away when Daily Schedule is closed. When it pops up, it will appear to the right of the Daily Schedule.


Tooltips for each photo shows the employee's name.




Debugging photos associated with employees


If you should have a problem setting up or replacing employee photos for your Employees Toolbar,



1. Turn on the trace (go to Trace page and click "turn on trace")


2. Click the Employees toolbar command to bring up the toolbar


3. Go to the trace page, go to the bottom, and you will see the photo file -> employee assignments



For example: