The Customers audit trail


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Customer history page

The complete history of changes made to the current customers record can be viewed by clicking the History tab page:


With the customer record located and appearing on the screen, select the HISTORY page





Click SHOW and this customer's record history will appear





The page will show the history of changes to this record by the date the change was made, in ascending order.


Each row represents one "change session" in which one or more fields of the record can be changed.


This page will show the date of the change, the field(s) changed and the new value(s) for that field. If more then 1 field was changed, it will be added to this line, but the line will be truncated at the end of the display line size.


To view the succession of changes in more detail, double-click a row among the change rows on this page to drill down using the Audit Explorer.



The Audit Explorer

The Audit Explorer provides a series of BEFORE and AFTER images of a record in a table being audited.  


Double-clicking a row in the history page grid will bring up the Audit Trail Explorer screen, positioned at the change clicked on. This screen contains the first of before and after images showing changes made to this customer record, beginning with the date the customer was added to the database.


The Audit Explorer screen shows only fields (field names and contents) that were changed.


In this example, on 10-5-2012, the operator named Will added an alternate work site address for this customer that will be used for job scheduling and job ticket printing


You can hover your mouse over a field on this screen for a tooltip description of the field.   





Browsing the audit trail


The Audit Trail for your customer database can also be viewed by selecting Librarian -> Database Maintenance -> Browse the audit trail.







The audit trail browse display looks like this test data







1. This display uses the generic Browse screen, which can be customized to show columns of your choosing, in

the order in which you choose.



2. The display is read-only. (requires admin auth to unlock).




The Audit Trail Manager


The page contains controls to browse an audit trail (either the customer or job tickets database). it also contains controls to restore the customer or job tickets database from data stored in the audit trail.