The Support page



The SUPPORT page provides a convenient way to contact us for routine questions and answers and to report anomalies (bugs that you can work around)


Please see contact information topic for ways to contact us.






If you have an Internet connection on the computer running H2OS, the H2OS Support page can be used for these purposes:



1. Send an email message to H2OS customer support


2. Establish a computer to computer remote console connection (so H2OS customer support can see your screen)


3. Launch your web browse to access the H2OS online forum


4. Launch your web browse to view the current/latest copy of this (H2OS Customer) Guide



Sending an email to H2OS customer support


For simplicity, this page contains just 2 fields: a subject and a message.  


To use this page to send a message to H2OS Customer Support, type a subject line and your message and click SEND


We try to reply to all messages within 24 hours.



Online Customer Guide


Click this command button to view the online version of the H2OS Customer Guide



Click this command to launch your Internet Browse to access our on-line Forum,




Click this command to launch your Internet Browse to access our online videos library


Note that the video library is in it's infancy today as we are experimenting with different technologies and learning to effectively use this wonderful tool. Your suggestions are welcome.


Screen Sharing

Click this command to launch the Remote Console options screen, which can be used to setup and share one computer's screen on another computer.