The Interview: Basic questions


After completing the interview during installation, you can re-start it at any time. You can skip through previously answered questions to change only selected questions.



To start the interview, select Setup->H2OS Interview on the H2OS menu.





The H2OS interview will ask you some questions needed to complete the installation process.

Your responses to these questions are stored in H2OS controls that can be viewed and changed again by re-starting this interview or by navigating Setup->Options.


There are also options related to specific features that will ask for control information during operation.

H2OS setup and control options are stored in relational database tables collectively called "profiles", which are stored in your H2OS PROFS folder  (C:\h2os\profs).



Which Questions?

On the right side of this screen is a "Which Questions?" option. By default the Internet will ask 9 basic questions. If you wish to complete the full Interview, select the ALL option and you will be asked 16 (as of this writing) questions


We've kept the number of questions you'll be presented with during the initial interview to a minimum, to simplify installation, but recommend that as soon as you can to re-run the Interview with the ALL option. On the H2OS main screen, select SETUP->H2OS Interview to return to the Interview screens.



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