Textmerge substitutions


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Text substitutions (words bracketed with << >>) look more complicated then they are. We have a chart with textmerge substitutions you can copy/paste from.




Your email notes can include textmerge substitutions, which are keywords telling H2OS to perform a substitution of the keyword with  data stored in your H2OS database.


There are several sources of data that you can use as "textmerge" field to supply current data as insertions to your messages, including:


1. any field in the customer record using it's field name. For your convenience, a list of all fields in the customer record appears in the right side of the Setup Messages screen (see below)


2. H2OS supplied functions which draw information from other sources (tables) in your H2OS database. See the Textmerge fields reference table for a list of currently available functions



A sample note with textmerge insertions


The screenshot below shows the SETUP MESSAGES page used by the Notes Sending Machine to add/change/remove messages in your notes library.


The example email message shown on this screen contains 4 textmerge commands, distinguishable by the use of brackets (<< .... >>) that surround the textmerge command or field name.


Examining the use of textmerge in this sample note:


In the "Dear ....."  line of this message, a function is used to insert the "label title code" (e.g. Mr., Mrs, etc.), followed by another  textmerge command to insert the contents of LINE1 from the selected customer record. The result could be something like "Dear MR. JONES."


The "This message is to confirm ..." line contains a function call to insert the date and am/pm of the next schedule job for the recipient (customer). The result could be something like "9/15/2009 anytime of day"


The "Your email address ..." line contains a function call to insert the preferred email address of the recipient, which can be something like "joe@smith.com"