Starting H2OS in batch mode



Starting H2OS in batch mode


Batch mode is started by either:






Batch mode operations are really just another program running on  your computer. You could, at least theoretically, be running H2OS in batch mode while using other programs on the same computer. We do not recommend this for performance reasons. Instead we recommend you use another (dedicated) computer on your LAN for this purpose. Or, you can convert your computer to run in batch mode in off hours.


When running in batch mode, instead of interacting with the operator, H2OS takes it's commands (jobs) from your batch jobs control table. (called the JOBQ table which contains records for batch jobs that have been submitted earlier by H2OS operators.


Setting your options

Navigate Setup->Options->Network and select the "A batch job processor" option.




After changing this option to batch processor, the next time H2OS is started (or the BATCH command is entered), a screen like this will appear.





Click START BATCH PROCESSING and H2OS will inspect the batch job queue for work to be performed, running each job in the queue serially, until all scheduled jobs are completed.


Click SHUTDOWN BATCH MODE to cancel batch processing mode and return H2OS to regular operations for this session (and return to this screen the next time H2OS is started, until Setup->Options->Network is changed again, which you can do now that you have switched modes to interactive session).


Presently, there is one feed for the batch jobs queue: for emailings. Over time this feature will be extended to include submission of batch job processing for other purposes