Setting a filter for an area


The AreaF command can be used to set a filter to view and work with customers within one of your designated areas.



When you click the AREAF command button, you'll need to wait a few seconds while H2OS collects a list of area names actually used in your customers database. It will then present this screen:





The pulldown menu can now be used to view and select one of the areas actually in use by your customers





Select an area and click SELECT. In this case, I'll select GLEN COVE


A message like this will appear on the main screen under the command line:




A filter is now in effect to view and work with customers in the GLEN COVE area


When you are finished, you can turn off this filter by either clicking the AREAF command again and then click CANCEL/TURN OFF or click the FILTER command and reply YES to the question "do you wish to clear this filter now"