Sending backups off-site using FTP



Example: Automatic backup during startup with automatic FTP file transfer


Note: Despite the "automatic" designation, the system will stop and ask the operator whether to proceed with the backup and FTP file transfer. This gives the operator the ability to skip backups and FTPing and defer these activities to a later time.



To setup controls for the backup and automatic FTP sending, navigate setup->options and select the BACKUPS tab




For this example, we've selected the "automatically run backup at STARTUP" and the SEND (FTP) AUTOMATICALLY options.


Having selected these options, we now re-start H2OS to trigger the run backup during startup option.


With this setting, during startup, a message like this will appear:



If NO is clicked, the backup and ftp options are ignored and H2OS is started.


If YES is clicked (or the 15 second time-out expires), the backup is created. Be careful to allow the backup enough time to run. There will be no messages on your screen while it runs, but a message will appear when it completes:



Click OK




The message and option allows the operator to proceed with, or skip, the FTP file transfer of the backup to the designated server.


Click NO to end the backup process and return to H2OS startup.


Click YES to proceed with FTP sending before starting H2OS.


If you click YES, please wait ... time will vary according to the size of the file and the upload file transfer speed available.


When the transfer completes, a message will appear:



Click OK


H2OS will now start