Sending backups by email


You may wish to send your H2OS backups to off-site storage by email attachment.


You can elect to use our backup archival storage, another such service, or do it yourself. All this feature requires is an email address.


To setup this feature, navigate to Setup->Options->Backups and


1. enter (or over-type) the email address shown in the "Send off-site by e-mail" box

2. select whether you wish to be prompted before emails are sent or to send them automatically (quietly)





With this feature enabled, when you take an H2OS backup, messages like the following will appear


For an H2OS backup




and then ...






Backup a different database, such as Prospects


If you use this feature to send a database other then your H2OS database (such as your Prospects database), the screen sequence will be slightly different:












Email received


Regardless of how the backup copy is emailed, the recipient will receive an email that looks like this (with the backup attached)