Reports gallery



The Reports Gallery page allows simple (double-click) access to a set of "typical" reports using default parameters setup in the reports table


The sample reports are shown as screenshot images of sample reports produced with a test database.


You can run one report at a time by double-clicking the report's image on the screen. When you close the report screen you will be returned to this screen.


We did not set this database up for any specific reason, it just grew by throwing more tests at it. Actual reports showing your data will vary considerably. Also that it will take

time and effort to get the data in your database optimal for reporting.


All H2OS reports include the report name, the report period (if applicable), a legend and tools (commands) that you can use to vary the appearance of the report. You can also use the EXCEL command to send the underlying data in the report to an Excel spreadsheet.  



To launch the reports gallery


There are 3 ways to launch the report gallery:


1. Click the   command on the REPORTS page.

2. The menu: REPORTS -> GALLERY

3. The =GALLERY command




Important: If the reports gallery screen appears askew on your screen, adjust the number of rows and number across using the "ROW" and "ACROSS" controls in the bottom left portion of the reports gallery screen until they fit correctly.


Examples of different rows settings:


2 rows and 2 across




2 rows and 3 across



3 rows and 4 across (wide screen)



Use the navigation commands to scroll through images of available reports. The images show data on one of our H2OS test computers, not your database.


To run a report, double-click it's image of this screen.


Note that reports run using this method will automatically re-use the last control variables used to run this report; see SETUP below to change report variables)


Right click a report image for options, including SETUP, RUN and HELP.




Click SETUP to setup control variables for the report, if any exist. Typical use of setup is to define the period of time to be covered by the report.




For this report, the time frame to be covered by the report is an option, set by default to THIS + LAST 4 YEARS.


For this and other reports that cover different time periods, you can use the pulldown menu to select a different period of time.



When you CLOSE this screen, the values set will be used for this report until changed again using this screen.



Click RUN to run this report


Click HELP for a additional information about the selected report



Updates to the Reports Gallery

From time to time, we distribute new reports via our website. We do not replace or change your existing installed reports, so if a new version of an old report is distributed, it's name will be different, usually by adding a number to the end of the name.


To obtain newly available reports, select the REPORTS option on the DOWNLOADS page and click the Run Selected Download.




Sample Reports


For sample reports, please see


1. Online charts collection


2. The H2OS Reports Matrix


3. Sample charts 2