Recall a deleted record


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The flip side of the risk involved with carrying deleted records in a database is that they remain available for recovery by simply clicking the DELETE command a 2nd time


That is, the DELETE commands on the main screen (while viewing the current customer record) and the Job Tickets Details screen (while viewing a job ticket) are actually "toggle" commands, meaning you can click the command a 2nd time to reverse the action (and you can do this repeatedly)


If you use the DEL+ command,  the customer and job tickets databases are automatically   PACKed after the customer record (and optionally) the customer's job tickets are marked deleted.



For other database tables, the method of marking records for deletion and then PACKing the table is slightly different. In these cases, records are marked for deletion by clicking (blackening) the leftmost cell in the row showing the item to be deleted.


The Vehicles page is an example. This tab page contains a grid with 1 row for each registered vehicle. To delete a vehicle, first click the leftmost cell of the row containing the vehicles information, to blacken the cell. Then click the PACK command on the bottom of the page.


Other database tables that are shown with screens containing a PACK command operate similarly.


Also see the PACK command in the Librarian->Database Utilities menu.