QuickBooks interface performance



QuickBooks startup delay


Having the QuickBooks application up and running when the H2OS connection is made is considerably faster then when QuickBooks is not running. When the QuickBooks application not running, connecting H2OS takes just a few seconds. Without QuickBooks running, the connection can take a minute.  This is true whether QuickBooks is running on the same machine as H2OS or on a separate, server machine.


There is an option in  QuickBooks controls that you can use to have QuickBooks automatically connected with each H2OS session,or to wait until the operator attempts to use the interface, at which time it will "wake up" the connection. This can be a frustrating delay, so if you are regularly using QuickBooks, best to start the connection during H2OS startup.



Running the QuickBooks application on your LAN server

As with starting up, we see QuickBooks response times (to workstations) significantly improve when the QuickBooks application is running then when not .


If you cannot start and let QuickBooks run while H2OS is accessing it, for whatever reason, it's still possible for H2OS to access the database, it will just perform less quickly.




Programmer post of interest

From a post to a programmer group, on why you want to install a copy of QB on your server.  


"The reason you want to install a copy of QuickBooks on the server is that QB installs a “service” program that makes multi-user performance better. This service is called the “QuickBooksDB” service (filename QBDBMgr.exe) which automatically starts with the server OS.


You can start/stop/restart this service from the services applet on your server. QuickBooks hides the details and everything should work without extra effort unless you have a non-standard setup. What's important is to install QuickBooks on the server so you have good performance in multi-user mode."