Product registration



At this time, H2OS has been installed and restarted. Upon restart, the registration form will appear (see below)


Please enter the requested information by over-typing into the fields of this form.


The R symbol indicates required fields which must be completed to save this screen.




Ignore the +Features command at this time (it may be used to install add-on products if you choose to in the future)


A sample competed form



Click SAVE.




Click YES and a message like this will appear (or click NO to return to the registration form)





Click YES to continue or NO to return to the registration form (from which you can click CLOSE to cancel the installation


When YES is clicked:




Next, a screen like this will appear:




The Master Operator ID is for internal H2OS support use only. A Guest operator is also setup, and an operator named Winston (from the information entered with the license earlier) has been added above


Note that Winston's password is set to 1312. It cannot be changed at this time, but can be changed later.







Click OK and a 30 day evaluation period notice will appear




Click OK



Click OK




Click OKAY and the H2OS interview will start


Note: the H2OS main screen will appear under these messages and the Interview screens, but it will not be scaled/sized correctly at this time. The size will be adjusted when H2OS is restarted after the Interview completes.



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