Partially prepared invoices


Partially prepared invoices consist of invoices printed with customer names and addresses and blank lines that can be completed by your mechanics as jobs are completed. They can also be printed, completed and mailed from your office.



There are 2 ways to print partially prepared invoices


1.  The Print Invoice command on the job ticket details screen


2.  When you print your daily schedule, you can have H2OS automatically include printing partial invoices for selected job types. If you check the "Print blank invoices" option on the Schedule Print Options screen (see below), H2OS will print one partially prepared invoice for each job in the schedule for job types selected there.




A sample partially prepared invoice:


Figure 1: Partially prepared invoice for the mechanic to complete on-site



The format of the invoice is determined by a separate (supplied) "report definition" file.


When a "print invoices" option is checked, the target printer name (that will print the partial invoices) will appear below the print invoices options. This allows you to print invoices on one printer and the summary and detail job tickets on another.






Job-site addresses

When an invoice prints out for a customer that has a separate Job-Site address (From mailing address) , the mailing address is used on the Invoice. As I mentioned, this appears fine on the surface. However, in practical use it is necessary to match the invoice. To resolve this, the invoice now includes “Job-Site:  <Job-site address>” .


Note that the USE THIS WORK SITE ADDRESS is checked on the Cust Info page





1. The invoice print format definition is stored as c:\h2os\reports\h2os_invoice_1.frx







A sample/test invoice returned to the office after completion in the field



See sending invoices to QuickBooks