Other customer status flag messages



In addition to flag rules, H2OS also performs several other checks on customer information that may result in flags being displayed on the Customer Status page. That is, the flags that are posted on the Customer Status page can come from multiple sources, one of which is the flag rules that you can manage, the others are triggered based on other conditions, such as the QuickBooks Interface controls and (as of this writing) indicators set on the Customer Status page itself. .


These processes are:


1. Customer account balance (from QuickBooks, or manually maintained using the Financial page)

2. No Service flag

3. Always call ahead flag

4. "Good customer" message



Customer account balance


If you are using the QuickBooks interface and have selected the option to automatically retrieve customer account balances from QuickBooks during regular operations,



 the account balance for the current customer will be retrieved and an accompanying flag message will be displayed showing the customer's account  balance.


If you are using the QuickBooks interface and have selected the "Manually retrieve on command" option, you can obtain account balances for individual customers by clicking the REFRESH command on the FINANCIAL page.





Manually maintained account balance


If you are not using the QuickBooks interface, you can use the Balance field on the FINANCIAL page to (manually) maintain customer account balances (that is, you manually type the customer's account balance in this field). If you do this, it will be helpful to also enter a value in the INVOICE # field. This value could be an actual invoice number, or any contrived, even useless, non-blank value. When this field is not blank, it is interpreted by H2OS to mean the balance has been manually entered, and not retrieved from QuickBooks. This distinction only affects the message that's added to the Flags shown on the Customer Status page, it is not used in any other process in H2OS. This being said, if you are not retrieving account balances from QuickBooks - and you have manually entered a balance in this field, H2OS will report the balance on the Customer Status page.


Account balance flag messages




If the account balance is negative (regardless of it's source), the amount will appear with a message saying so





No Service


If this customer is marked "no service", a flag message will appear saying so




Always call ahead

If "Always call ahead" checkbox on the Customer Status page is checked, a flag message will appear saying so.



Good customer


If no flags are posted for a customer, a flag saying "Good Customer" will appear in the grid on this page.