Optional ZIP4 tables


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H2OS uses USPS provided data files, primarily ZIP4 tables, for address correction and ZIP4 attachment processing.


These tables are maintained and distributed by the USPS each month.


Since we are not using these files to claim postage discounts, we do not have to maintain strict compliance with USPS standards, but you probably don't want to use year old tables, either.


In any case, you may order updated ZIP4 tables by area (1st 3 digits of ZIP Code) and you may request any interval or schedule you desire.


Obtaining needed data files

H2OS is shipped with a sample ZIP4 table for demonstration purposes (only). In most cases address corrections are not dependent on the date of the ZIP4 tables used in the process, but ZIP4 codes can be changed at any time, so if you are going to be using this feature, you should periodically update your ZIP4 tables.


These tables can be ordered through H2OS customer support. You can order 1x times on occasion, or have table revisions sent to you on a regular schedule.


If you are interested in purchasing one copy or a subscription to some or all of these tables (for the entire United States), please place your order by email to this address.


With your order, specify:


1. The ZIP4 tables you want (there is 1 table for each 3 digit (1st 3 digits of ZIP Code) area in the United States)


2. Your preferred method of delivery (physical CD/DVD or Internet file transfer when ordering under ten 3 digit areas)


To determine which ZIP4 tables you will need for your customers database, you can run the "ZIP4 TABLES NEEDED" report:




Based on this report, tables for 110, 115, 117, 118, 119 cover 98% of the addresses in this database, so only these tables need to be installed.


You should re-run this report from time to time to make sure your ZIP4  tables are in sync with the growth of your database.