Method of contact



H2OS attempts to take advantage of low cost electronic communications (text messages and e-mail) whenever possible. Unless directed otherwise (on the Tel, E-Mail page), H2OS will assign electronic methods when needed data is available.


H2OS takes great advantage of e-mail, so be sure to obtain this information from customers


For batch customer messages, each recipient is assigned a method of contact if needed information is available


H2OS can send messages using one of 4 possible methods:





Order of selection

If the customer has NONE selected as the preferred method of contact, skip this customer


If the customer has a preferred method of contact, and needed data is available for that method, use it


If not, assign a method of contact in this order


1. If there is a cell phone # and carrier name for text messaging, use it

2. If not and there is an e-mail address, use it

3. If not and there is a telephone number, use it

4. If not and there is an address available, print a letter

5. If no information is available, skip this customer


The chart below explains these assignments in more detail.


Each of these methods can be "blocked" (turned off and blocked from use) using the Message Jobs Controls page.  When a method is blocked, H2OS attempts to assign another

method in the hierarchy.




The customer preferred contact Method


Each customer is assigned a contact method based on the TEL-EMAIL page's entries,  customer messages controls, and the rules below. The operator controls how individual customers are contacted by supplying or omitting the needed information.



This chart shows the contents of the TEL, E-MAIL page and how this information is used to determine the preferred contact method


Customer Messages can be sent using one of the available contact methods (see chart below).


The choice of method used is based on inspection of the customer record, specifically the information stored using the TEL-EMAIL page


When adding a reminder, H2OS will suggest a method for transmitting the reminder, based on inspection of the customer record. This includes the customer record for the presence of a telephone number. If there is no telephone number, H2OS will see if there is an e-mail address, and if not will (optionally) print the message as a report page.


The customer record can store several telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, along with an indicator as to which of each is the preferred number/address.


When making this determination during runtime, H2OS uses the method with the highest priority shown in the table below


On the TEL-EMAIL page there is provision for identifying the preferred telephone number and preferred email address. There is currently no indicator that a customer would prefer to have form letter notification, but it is included in the list of possibilities as a "last restort" for customer that lack both telephone numbers and email addresses.



Reminder methods include text messaging, e-mail, telephone and printed letters. Telephone calls can be manual or automated. There's also a NONE option in reminder records for customers who do not wish to be contacted despite contact information being available.  



Contact Method Method priority Used Information needed Source of  information


Text Message 1    
If the customer has a cell phone number + the carrier  name registered + this phone number is the preferred telno, send this reminder as a text message
Cell phone telephone number
Cell service provider name
Customer record, TEL-EMAIL page The customers (recipients) cell provider company name is required (see the TEL-EMAIL page)
Customers receiving text messages may be charged by their provider for the service.
E-Mail 2 If customer does not have cell info, but has e-mail address, send reminder by email Preferred e-mail address
SMTP URL and port
Customer record, TEL-EMAIL page
Installation must have Outlook installed and running at the time of use,  OR the customers ISP must support the SMTP protocol
For sending e-mail, the operator's profile (setup->options->Internet) must contain a valid e-mail address, and if the SMTP protocol is to be used, the SMTP URL and port #
Telephone 3 If customer does not have a cell phone or e-mail address, include this customer on the Calls to be made report.   Preferred telephone number     
Customer record, TEL-EMAIL page
We can produce an on screen or printed list of customers and telephone numbers to be called with a specific message.
The list can be handled internally or H2OS can send the list to an automated calling service.     
Printed Letter
If customer does not have cell phone, e-mail or regular phone info, a message is printed to this customer's name and address
Customer name and address customer record, main screen     
Printed form letters with text insertions from customer information is possible.