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H2OfficeSolutions is owned and operated by a closely knit group of people who have worked together for many years. We regard our product as the embodiment of our experience to date, and the platform on which we will continue to build well into the future.


We're happy to meet you!






Hi, I'm Jim, with my lovely wife Janice. I've co-owned and managed a successful lawn sprinkler service company on Long Island. My partner John and I grew the business from the ground up for over two decades, and today we service several thousand  customers. Over the years, I had developed a DOS database application to help us run the business, but knew we needed to convert to a Windows based application. In conversation with Bill on the subject, we realized that we could adapt Bill's Windows database 'framework' to include the features we need for our business. We did it, and I've been using the software to run my business ever since. I'm satisified with the current feature set, very confident in the system, and most importantly my secretary likes it! I am excited by the prospects for doing even more with the product over the coming years. 





Hi, I'm John, and this is my lovely wife Lori. I'm lead sales rep for H2OfficeSolutions. I have almost 30 years experience developing and marketing our successful lawn sprinkler service business. Working with Jim and Bill, we've taken our business to the next step by integrating H2OfficeSolutions into our daily operations. As you'll see with our free demo system , our accomplishment is considerable. Try it! If you'd like to talk with me, please call 631 445-6286.




Hi, I'm Lori. I work with H2OfficeSolutions each day. I've seen it's progress from the beginning and I really like that the guys are very attentive to my questions, concerns and suggestions. 





Hi, I'm Bill. I spend most of my time on the mechanics, the documentation and in the engine room.  I work closely with our marketing team and Jim and I are pleased with the results to date and as we continue building and improving H2OfficeSolutions, we invite you to partner up with us and work together to achieve our goal of being the #1 database program for Lawn Sprinkler and Landscaper service businesses.




Hi, I'm Gina. I manage marketing operations of our Hollywood FL office. I'm also lead person for our sales and training videos. Kristin and I have been helping our Dad (Bill) and Uncle Jim build the business over the years, and we're very pleased with our contributions and the progress we've made. I am also involved with programs for the homeless here in Florida.




Hi, I'm Kristin. I've been around Dad, Uncle Jim and their businesses all of my life, so I didn't need much orientation to jump in and help in different ways. I enjoy our business,  customers and problem solving, and it will be my pleasure to help you as well!




Hi, I'm Florence. Jackie and myself own and operate a computer services business. We've been working with Jim and Bill since 1976. We handle outsourcing computer operations for customers with special needs, ranging from data entry to complete database management services. 





Hi, I'm Jackie. I'm Florence's partner and I do most of the operating! I pay attention to the details, and I also indulge my passion for graphic arts whenever possible. 





Hi, I'm Harley. I know, you look at my picture and think that I'm just the company mascot, but when the network goes down and those messages still have to be delivered  ...