How to work remotely


Can you access your H2OS database from home or on the road?


The answer is a qualified "Yes". See notes below


There are various products and methods for achieving this. We use and recommend the ULTRAVNC product (aka VNC) for this purpose. Using VNC you can login to your H2OS computer over the Internet and access your H2OS database from anywhere, and you can perform the same H2OS operations you would when sitting in front of your HSOS computer.

There are 2 ways to use VNC.

1. VNC client and server programs


  1. The VNC server must be installed on the office machine

  2. The VNC client must be installed on the machine performing the remote connection

  3. Start the UltraVNC server on your office machine

  4. Note the server's IP address and VNC server password

  5. On the remote (client) computer, start the VNC client program to perform the connection to the office machine



2. The JAVA interface


  1. On your office computer, start the VNC Viewer in Listen mode

  2. Note this machines IP address and your VNC password

  3. Start an internet browser from home or on the road

  4. Enter the URL http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:5500   (replacing nnn's with your office computer's IP address)

  5. Your office computer screen will appear

  6. Login

  7. proceed to use H2OS on the remote computer





  1. Does not work If your office computer uses a dynamic IP address that changes frequently.

  2. To learn your office computers Internet IP address, start your browser on this computer and go to The computers Internet IP address will appear prominently on your screen. Note that this is a different IP address then the one assigned to your computer by your LAN (which you can see by entering this command: IPCONFIG /ALL in a command window).

  3. Only 1 remote computer can connect with the office computer at a time

  4. We do not provide training or support for products other then H2OS