How to view a customer record's history of changes


H2OS automatically stores historical records (in an "audit trail" file) for all changes made to your customer records.


Should you have a question about the history of a given customer's record, you can view the history of changes made to the record since it was added to your database using the History page.


For performance reasons, this page will appear blank when 1st selected.



figure 1. History Page


Click the SHOW command to view the current customer's historical records.




The history of the current customer record in a test database


Figure 2. History page populated when SHOW is clicked



Each row in on this page represents a change made to the current customer record.  Rows are in chronological order with the most recent change at the bottom.


A representation of the changes made appears to the right of each row and consists of keywords and values representing the field name and it's new, current value after the change.


One row can represent one or several changes to the customer record.  When working with a customer record, the operator can make any number of changes, but the changes are not actually saved until the current record is changed or the operator shuts down H2OS. To make this clear, if the operator changes a customers address, then finds another customer for whatever reason (and thus moving the current record pointer), the change will be registered (in the audit trail) and stored. Then, if the operator returns to the originally changed customer (whose address was changed) and this time changes the telephone number, a new and separate change will be stored and registered.



To see the full details on a given change, double-click the row of interest (a particular change) and a screen like Figure 4 will appear:



For example, this row on the Customer History page is a little cryptic, so we want to inspect more closely


figure 3. Example History page row clicked to view Before and After details

Double clicking this row on the Customer History page will bring up this detail-level screen for the changes represented by this row


Figure 4.  Before and after screen


This screen shows the details of each change made to the customer record


This customer was added by John on 06/23/2008, and has been changed on the dates listed.


These fields have been changed by Jame on 6/27/2008:





For a description of a particular field, hover your mouse over the field name on this screen to view it's tooltip.


An example of a tooltip for the VALVEACC field description


Figure 5. Tooltip shows field description





1. If a row in the HISTORY page grid is too long to fit in the space provided, hover your mouse over the row and the entire row will appear (like a tooltip)


2. The contents of memo fields (such as NOTES) are not indicated on this display, but can be viewed by double-clicking the row (to view the copy of the record stored in the audit trail) and clicking DETAILS to see (a print image of) the record and all of it's fields. This image can be viewed on the screen and/or sent to a printer.


3. Ignore blank lines which sometimes appear in the History page's grid. These are typically caused by processes, such as address checking, which change internally used control fields in customer records, but have no effect on your data.