How to use the do-list


These instructions pertain to the use of the locally (single workstation or LAN server) installed do-list (and not the Internet based version).




1. Select the DO-LIST page



2. Use the treeview display to navigate throughout the companies projects, drilling down to detail records as needed




3. Click the BROWSE button to work with DO-LIST records in a browse/grid display format.




With this display you can column sort by double-clicking in the column header


For example, this display was column sorted by the COMPONENT column:




Records can be selected by clicking SET FILTER





You can select one or more projects, priorities, and status codes to limit the browse grid display to showing only these records.


A message will appear with the number of records selected by the filter controls.



At this time, you can proceed or click NO to return to the filter controls screen to change the filter settings or cancel the operation.


Click YES and the browse grid will re-appear with (only) the selected records.


You can double-click a row to bring up the detail record for that row.


You can make changes to the visible fields on the screen for the records included in the grid, but it's recommended that you double-click the row and make the changes to the detail record (because we may move the do-list to MYSQL, in which case this grid may not be updateable)


Here is the display showing only the records selected from the do-list above.




Double-clicking a row brings up the details screen: