How to use the Browse command


Browsing a database table allows you to view the information in a table in spreadsheet-like format


Additionally, H2OS provides you with the ability to create one or more custom screen layouts for browsing information in your database.


The BROW command


To browse the customer database, click the BROW button:



The 1st time you use this command, your customers table will appear in a window with the layout shown below. You are not limited to this screen (fields) layout. See custom screen layouts for how you can create any number of your own browse screen layouts for your customer's as well as other tables in your H2OS database.







  1. You cannot make changes to Customer records using the BROW command's view

  2. Double-click any column header to sort the display by that column. Double-click a 2nd time to reverse order the display by that column.

  3. You can search the table for a keyword using the search box in the lower left corner of the screen

  4. You can change the font size used for the display using the spinner control to the lower right.

  5. Select a display formatting option using the Format pulldown menu.

  6. Double-click a row to select a customer record and close this screen, return to main screen with the selected customer record as the current record.