How to upgrade a workstation installation to a LAN configuration





1. Install H2OS on the LAN Server


2. Install H2OS on all workstations. (the installation is identical for server and workstation, changes will be made later to distinguish each machine's role)


3. On each workstation that will share the LAN Server's database, run Setup->Options->Network and designate each workstation "A LAN workstation", and set the path to the H2OS database on the LAN server computer. See screenshots below.  This step need not be performed on the LAN Server machine as it will be setup to access the database locally by default.




The following screenshot sequence shows how this procedure was executed on a test installation.



Begin by selecting "A LAN workstation" on the Setup -> Options->Network screen, an entry field is added to the screen and a message will advise the operator on what the field must contain for the connection to be made.





We suggest using the ellipsis command to the right of the entry field added to the screen and then use the "Browse for folder"

navigator screen that will appear. Below is an example of using the screen to point to the H2OS installation's data folder on the

LAN server.






When a location is selected, click OK and the locator screen will close.

At this time a message like this will appear to confirm the selection.






Click YES to proceed and another message will appear:





Normally, you would click YES at this time to complete the connection and make the server's database available when H2OS is restarted.


In this case, for our test, we'll click NO and defer sharing the server's H2OS database. Instead of switching to the server's database on H2OS restart we'll

have to use FILE->OPEN to point to the server's database. A message will now appear with instructions on how to begin sharing that database at a later time.  





Click OK


H2OS will remember the selection of "A LAN workstation" and the location of the H2OS database on the server.