How to turn automatic login on/off


By default, automatic login is turned on after installation. That is, you will not need to enter an operator ID and password to start and login to the system.


During product installation, when saving the License registration form, H2OS automatically creates an operator profile record for the person whose name appears in the registration record. H2OS will also setup this operator ID for automatic login.


There are 2 things you can change relative to this procedure:


- the operator ID

- Whether to use automatic login or not


You can create a new operator, and you can also setup this operator for automatic login.

H2OS accomplishes automatic login by using a specially named file (c:\h2os\pw.txt) which contains (only) the password the operator to be logged in during H2OS startup.



To turn automatic login on




1. Create a file named PW.TXT containg (only) the password of the operator to be logged on




2. Have H2OS create this file for you by checking the REMEMBER checkbox on the login screen when entering your ID and password





To turn password protection off


1.  Locate and delete PW.TXT