How to submit a problem report



H2OS problem reporting is e-mail centric.


There are a variety of ways to send e-mail, and H2OS contains built-in programming to send e-mail using either Outlook or a built-in alternative (called SMTP).


For minimal (text only) reports, you can use the SUPPORT tab page to send a quick text (email) message to H2OS Customer Support. Otherwise, especially for problems with screenshots, please

use your regular e-mail program.


Please use the SUBJECT line to describe the problem (in 1 sentence).  Once assigned, do not change this "title". It is okay to append a brief message, such as "** SOLVED**"


In the body of the e-mail please include


1. A problem description (that will be used to refer to this problem) as the SUBJECT line

2. Screenshot(s) showing message and relevant windows

3. Steps to reproduce the problem

4. Operator comments on the problem


Add one or more file attachments if requested


Send to



Quality reports can be resolved most expeditiously, and poorly prepared reports (e.g. one liners like: "it doesn't work") will take longer.



A reply or dialog may follow, as necessary for the particular problem.