How to setup an automatic login


For dedicated workstations always used by the same person, you can setup H2OS to skip the log-on screen and automatically log-on a specific operator.


There are 2 ways to setup automatic login:



H2OS Interview

The Interview has a question asking if you wish to use automatic login. When you change to automatic, H2OS will ask you to enter the password to be used for the automatic login. H2OS will then create the necessary PW.TXT file (containing this password) that will be detected and used by H2OS to automatically logon this operator during each startup (until the option is turned off again).




Create PW.TXT

To setup an automated login, you can manually create a file named PW.TXT in the product's installation folder (c:\h2os\pw.txt) which contains the password of the operator to be automatically logged on.


To turn off automatic logon, delete this file.


In this example, a PW.TXT file has been created with the password "MASTER", which will be detected during H2OS startup and, if there is an operator registered with the password of "MASTER", will automatically login this operator.