How to send an email to a customer


Note: be sure you have setup H2OS for sending email before attempting to send email




H2OS makes it easy to send an email to a customer.



1. Locate the record for the customer you wish to send a message to


2. Click the E-MAIL command button    



and a screen like this will appear






Single Note

Select this option to write a new note to this customer


When you select this option, if an email address is not on file for this customer, a message like this will appear:




If the customer does have an email address, a screen like this will appear, showing the customer name and email address in the TO line (only the e-mail address is used when the note is sent, of course :)





Complete the SUBJECT line and the MESSAGE, and click SEND.



Pick a note


As with the single note option, If the current customer's record includes at least one e-mail address, the "Pick a note" screen will appear, something like this





Select the note you wish to send by click the checkbox in the 1st column of your choice, then click SEND.


You can make temporary changes to the text of message you select (directly in this display)  but such changes are not saved from session to session. To make permanent changes to notes in the notes library, click the NOTES MGR command.


Substitutions (customer record field names, marked by << >> in the message text) are performed and the message is sent.


If you are using Microsoft Outlook to send e-mail, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to allow a program to send email on your behalf. If, instead, you have elected to use our SMTP provided email sending program (named 'Blat'), the email will be sent directly, without a prompt.




Debugging email sending

Most problems with sending email are due to missing or incorrect information


To check your e-mail setup options, select Setup-> Options -> Internet controls and check the values entered for SMTP


Figure 1: Setup->Options->Internet controls showing email options and info



If you are using the SMTP option, you must provide the SMTP URL and PORT number, as well as a valid sender Email ID. Password is optional with some ISP's. If you're not sure if you need a password here, try sending a note without it. If it fails, and it's due to a missing password, the message will usually say something like that, but when dealing with network connectivity issues, anything is possible, even a hung session. Nevertheless, if you're trying to use email for the 1st time, and it's not working, and you don't have a password here, consider it might be the reason.