How to send a bulk e-mailing


Note: be sure you have setup H2OS for sending email before attempting to send email


E-mail can be a low cost and highly effective tool for a variety of reasons, and H2OS provides you with tools to use this resource.


Using email begins with collecting e-mail addresses for your customers, so be sure to ask for this information at the same time you ask for addresses and telephone numbers, and to keep email addresses current, as you would with addresses and telephone numbers.


H2OS support for sending e-mails includes:




To send an e-mailing, click File -> Send -> e-mailing, as shown here:






This will launch the E-Mail Setup form:





This page shows the current message in the ENOTES.DBF table and let's you scroll through the table to pick a different message - or to enter a new message



The Recipients page





See the Record Selection topic for more information on the use of this form to select records from the current database that will participate in this emailing.





The Attachments page





The Send Mailing page





When SEND is clicked, the process begins. If an internet connection exists, the email is sent immediately.



The Email Controls page